Meal prep

Meal Prep

Contrary to what you might think, meal prep and having your meals tailor made is not that expensive. The cost of an average meal is around £4.50, so for just an extra 50p you can have a nutritious, delicious, healthy, tailored meal! Nearly all fast food and takeaway meals are mass produced and pumped full of chemicals. We don’t use any chemicals, fillers, additives, preservatives or hydrogenated fats in our meals. Did you know that the average commuter spends around £10 per day on lunch, takeaways & coffees! Call us now on 01782 911515 to discuss your meal prep options.

Vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan variants of our meal prep are available, please contact us for more information. Meal choice and example meals is available to see by clicking on the plans below.

Discounts are available for people looking to order more than one weeks worth of prep meals. If you have any questions about our prep or need a tailored plan, pop in to the shop or email

Meal prep is available for collection from our shop in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, or for delivery anywhere in the UK. Cut off times for ordering for collection or delivery is 12pm Friday afternoon.

Customers who place an order on line will receive an email with a list of available meals which you can fill in and then send back to us. Here is where you can choose your mains, carbs and sides. Alternately, you can let us select the meals for you.

Please note: You can still place your order after the cut off point and we may be able to fulfil it.  We will confirm via email and let you know, if not it will be available on the next available pick up. We do normally have some prep meals in store if you miss the cut off point or just wish to collect a few meals from the shop.

Being fit, healthy, eating right and feeling great can all come down to consistency and sustainability. Your diet needs to keep up with your energy expenditure and support recovery. If you train hard for too long with a deficient diet eventually the ‘wheels will fall off’.

Here at GreenGriddle our customers tell us that the 3 most common reasons they use a food prep services are

  1. They don’t have the time to prepare meals around work, family life and training
  2. They don’t have enough of an understanding of what they need nutritionally to support their goals
  3. They lack the practical cooking skills

Our meal prep service will provide you with all the nutrition you need to meet your goals. They are also delicious and you can even choose between muscle gain, maintain and weight loss plans. Whatever your goal here at GreenGriddle we can help you achieve it.

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