GG Athletes

GG Athletes

Below you will see some of our GG athletes who are on our meal prep plans and also eat our food in store. They range from MMA fighters, bikini models, personal trainers, footballers and a range of other athletes. If you want to know more about our meal prep, email Interested in joining them? Get in touch!


“Absolutely loved being involved with GreenGriddle’s weekly meal plans. Getting high quality, healthy prepped meals which have helped me to maintain a balanced diet to compete at a elite level”

Josh Gordon

Leicester City FC

“The meals were excellent through my preseason phase in regards to supplying me with a controlled diet; this in turn would help with fuel and recovery. More specifically, GreenGriddle have manipulated my meals to my personal requirements by the addition of more protein sources (shakes, bars, pancakes mixes) which has acted as a substitute for cheat snacks”

Chey Dunkley

Wigan Athletic FC

I’ve competed in Amateur Bodybuilding for over 2 years, being successful in 2 seasons & placing first in Toned Figure at the Core Classic 2016 and PCA Official Hampshire 2017.

With a structured training & diet plan I’m continuing to progress everyday, focusing on moving into Athletic Figure in 2018. Now in my off season, training everyday in my local Strength Asylum along with a diet plan prepped by the GreenGriddle i’m well underway to achieving my dreams. All my meals are prepared and delivered by GG each week, I find this extremely beneficial to suit my busy work and training schedule. All macro & calorie counted, perfectly tailored to me with every meal being packed full of flavour.

Kim Johnson

PCA Hampshire Figure 1st 2017

“GreenGriddle is everything you need and want without the hassle the meals are great and tasty too! help you burn fat but still gives you the right amount of energy you need for your daily training that’s why I swear by them! Plus you can get them delivered to your door if you have a busy schedule”

Rodney Mcdonald

Coventry City FC

“Since going ahead with GreenGriddle’s meal prep service I have changed my attitude that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. The combinations of meals that are put together are second to none. I now look forward to each & every meal. Anybody that had yet to try this service and is considering I suggest you stop hesitating and go ahead, you won’t be disappointed”

Ashley 'The Beast' Reece

MMA Fighter

Andi Jayne


“GreenGriddle has provided me with the tools I need to execute advanced sports performance training with my elite level Athletes & the opportunity to be able to sit comfortably knowing that they are in the best hands possible with their nutrition. Nutrition is a huge chunk of any fitness professionals life & it’s something that needs to be taken seriously. GreenGriddle certainly do that. 5* meal prep for sure”

Trevor Oliver

Performance enhancement specialist & PT