About GreenGriddle


Our Mission

GreenGriddle is Staffordshire’s first healthy eating takeaway and meal prep company. You no longer have to put up with eating processed, mass produced foods full of salt and chemicals; you can now eat clean and quickly. We use the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients in all our meals – either in the restaurant or with our bespoke meal prep plans. We are dedicated to bringing you the best healthy, nutritious meals to help you reach your fitness goals; be it weight loss, bulking up or maintaining a healthier lifestyle. With over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry, we know how important diet is to improving your lifestyle.

Order online for delivery, visit our restaurant to eat in or takeaway. The choice is yours on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

Time is a major challenge in today’s busy lifestyle; we offer a range of meal plans and options prepared for you with healthy choices and value for money. It is difficult to get good reliable dietary information – here at GreenGriddle we pride ourselves on offering honest advice based on proven methods.

About the owners

Scott Morgan

With the fast pace of modern day life I find that keeping in shape is tough. The majority of my day tends to be taken up by work, family and the gym. Trying to fit diet in to that proved difficult. Like most major cities you have multiple choices when choosing a gym or fitness class. But when it came to healthy eating there were no quick and nutritious meal options available. I’ve worked with various personal trainers over the years who have consistently told me that to achieve weight loss or increase muscle mass you needed to focus 70% of your attention on diet on as opposed to exercise. For the last 2 years myself and the team have been creating a business model to help others fulfill that 70% requirement. Welcome to our vision… welcome to GreenGriddle.

Alex Windsor

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for sports and fitness. Healthy eating is now a massive part of life for most people and we all know how hard it is to eat a well balanced diet; especially with a busy work and social life. I spent 8 years working in call centres in and around Stoke so I know how difficult it is to eat healthy and quickly. When Scott told me about his vision for GreenGriddle, I wanted to be part of it straight away. I struggle to stick to a decent diet as eating junk food is faster and more convenient. It is so easy to fall away from a healthy diet, especially after a hard stressful day in the office. On your way home it’s much easier to call in and pick up a fatty takeaway than spend 30 minutes cooking something nutritious. We want to change that with GreenGriddle and make eating well balanced, nutritious meals as easy as picking up a pizza.

Who We Work With

Dr Zak’s – GreenGriddle is an approved Dr Zak’s supplier and we use and stock a lot of their range. Dr Zak’s offer some of the highest quality food products we have come across and that’s why we use and endorse them.

Their products are a great source of protein and are made of the finest ingredients. Their bagels are one of our most popular foods and contain 30% less carbohydrates than a stand bagel and are high in fibre.